Dear Friends,

Thanks to all who contributed to the walk through Holy Week and the glorious Easter, both Saturday Vigil and Sunday morning.  The acolytes attended Thursday evening with quiet care.  I was amazed how gracefully the many items that dignify our church were so gracefully removed to give us the bare sanctuary for Good Friday, then how they returned in the transition from dark to light at the vigil.  Thanks to the many readers, narrators, bringers of flowers, lighters of candles, and to those whose prayers and visits warm hearts and souls.  May we be open to God’s blessings in the new life of Easter in the weeks to come.

Yours in faith,


Dear Friends,

The writer Ida Goerres said,” approaching Holy Week and Easter is like coming thirsty, cup in hand, to Niagara Falls.  It’s too much, overwhelming, to put the cup into the middle. It’s better to put the cup off to the side, perhaps in a trickle of water, and take a cup at a time.”


Please see below for services, all at 7pm, that lead us through the week to Easter.  Come, and drink.

Yours in faith,

Dear Friends,

We have two more Wednesday evenings before Holy Week to gather for supper, conversation, and prayer. These are times to step away from usual routines and allow fresh soup, bread, and spirit. A soup from St. Michael’s is a fine beginning of an evening, a conversation centers us, and prayer with a hymn sends us home. We begin at 5:30pm.

Palm Sunday, April 13, brings us to Holy Week, the heart of the Christian year- from the procession of the palms through the Passion to the empty tomb and new life.

From the Lord’s Supper on Maundy Thursday, through the bare church on Good Friday, to the new light of the Easter Vigil, we’re invited to move with God’s embrace of us in Christ. The three services from Thursday through Saturday eve begin at 7pm, and culminate in

the Vigil’s movement from darkness to light, silence to sound, and the first communion of Easter.

Yours in faith,


Holy Week Services – April 13-20

Palm Sunday

8AM Blessing of the Palms, Passion and Eucharist

10AM Blessing of the Palms, Procession and Hymns, Passion,and Eucharist

Maundy Thursday

7PM Liturgy of the Day with foot washing, Eucharist

Good Friday

7PM Liturgy of the Day, Passion, Solemn Collects

Saturday Easter Vigil

7PM Lighting the Paschal Candle, Exsultet, Renewal of Baptismal Vows, Festive Eucharist

Easter Day

10AM Choral Festive Eucharist

The Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper is Tuesday, March 4th @ 5:30 PM.pancakes

Ash Wednesday follows on March 5th. Services are at Noon and 6:00 PM.

The first Wednesday Evening Lenten Group will meet on March 9th at 5:30 PM. Soup and bread is provided, bring whatever else you’d like to share.


Lenten EveningsA Season for the Spirit

Wednesday evenings during Lent

March 12, 19 @5:30 – 7:30 PM 
April 2, 9  @5:30 – 7:30 PM
March 26 at noon. 

Everyone is welcome for prayer, supper and conversation. Let us know which session(s) you’ll be coming to.  Bring your favorite dish.  Sign up sheets are in the parish hall.

“A Season of the Spirit“, Lenten meditations by Martin Smith, will be available when they arrive from the publisher. Two copies are available for your perusal in the parish hall.

Episcopal Shield in Stained glassLent comes from an old word, lengten, meaning lengthening of days.  In our climate, the season brings a thawing of frozen ground.  In our Christian tradition, we’re invited to soften  our hardened hearts and enter a time of spiritual growth and awareness, awaiting the renewal of Easter.

During Lent, vestry members will invite everyone in the parish to a Wednesday evening. We’ll begin with evening prayer in the sanctuary and move to supper and a conversation in the parish hall. Fr. Warren will convene the discussion around a Biblical passage or a meditation from our Episcopal tradition.   We’ll be keeping the attendance to 10-15 persons, so that we can better hear and appreciate each other. Please choose one of our five Wednesdays. You may want to come for more.  We’ll have hearty soup and bread; we’d welcome other food offerings.   One of the Wednesdays will be noonday prayer, and a lunch- especially for those reluctant to go out in the evening.   Our schedule:

March 12 & 19;

April 2 & 9,  6:00-8:00pm;

March 26, noon-2:00pm

Happy New Year everyone!

The beginning of a new year always gives us reason to make a change if we choose to. Sometimes we get caught up in changes that others make because they somehow involve us. Some changes make us sad while others give us an opportunity to grow or be happier.

During 2013, we saw a lot of changes at St. Michael’s. Some were more obvious than others. The changes made to the classroom wing, the hallways and bathrooms and the sacristy were major physical changes that allowed us to take a deep breath and say “yes, this is good.” Some were more subtle like closets cleaned out, a window replaced in the stairway to the undercroft and the emergency exit to the undercroft which no one ever sees. As a safety issue, it was re-constructed.

The more dramatic changes were when Fr. Jim retired (for real) at the end of July. He was one of the greatest priests St. Michael’s has ever seen who took us from broken hearts to mended minds. He was here as a supply priest first and eventually became an interim. We will never forget Fr. Jim and will always want to call him our friend. We are grateful for what he did for us. Then followed Fr. Dan, whom we spent the latter half of last year adjusting to and he to us. We are thankful for finding Fr. Dan with such a short list of available priests for our parish profile.

Now comes 2014 and what is in store for this new year? We have a few things for you to think about.

One of the gifts St. Michael’s has is its gift of talents. We are graced with the talent of music; choir and now children’s choir. Every Sunday, we have available to us a service that includes music complete with an organist and people leading us in heartfelt song. We also have the benefit of a Sunday School program that includes Godly Play followed by a crafts time where children create from what they have learned and an Inquirers’ Class for adult learning. This is preceded by a Joyful Noise children’s choir rehearsal where the kids not only learn songs, but learn about music, rhythm, pitch and so on.

We have many other talents as well. We have book groups, an exemplary Outreach program that has a planned program each month to give, to help, to reach out to those in need…and they lead us to do that. We have a Treasurer and a dedicated Finance Committee that has brought us into compliance with canons, monitors our spending and income and helps us invest our endowments to the benefit of our parish and outreach. We have Lay Eucharistic Visitors (LEVs) that go out to give communion to those who can’t come to church, acolytes, readers, chalice bearers, altar guild members who prepare the table and the list goes on and on.Ice Storm 2013

As you can see and appreciate, many people come together to make it all happen, and happen out of the goodness of their hearts for the love of God.

In 2014, we will be taking a very focused look at where we as a parish are going in accordance with the goals of the diocese. Bishop Lane described at convention in 2012, his intention to form a group to discuss holy conversations in an effort to begin the talk. In his address, he described:

“We are God’s people and we are empowered by baptism to participate in God’s ministry of reconciliation. In order to share in the ministry of reconciliation, we have to know our neighbors and to understand their needs. In many ways, the contemporary church is isolated from and hostile towards the culture in which it lives. We are suspicious of people who are not part of the church. We must overcome the separation between the church and the culture if we are to have meaningful opportunities to help reconcile the world to God.

We at St. Michael’s must continue to be a part of this discussion and work towards inviting people in by stepping into their midst and listening. For it is by listening that we become a part of their conversations and they then become a part of ours.

We look for your input on how we can best serve our neighbors and bring them into the realm of God’s people. As a vestry, we will be spending a lot of time discussing this and suggesting and recommending ways that we as a parish can fulfill this undertaking. We need to look at our Sunday mornings and assess whether together are fulfilling our spiritual quest or just going through the motions. Are we serving young and old and in-betweens as best as we can? Are we taking care of your neighbors as Jesus exemplified? Are we inviting or just welcoming. Read this linked article to learn how we need to step out of our pews and get out on the street with the people that need us most. We are all apostles after all.


Your Wardens

Paul & Evelyn

St. Michael’s watercolor by Rev. Gary Price

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